Widow’s Blow Story

‘’The name of my brand came to me during a chapter of my life that was quite hard, with many heartaches: Widow = Lost, Blow = Addiction. We make our own choices in life; we can decide to feel sorry for ourselves, criticize or create our own happiness. I decided to do exactly what I wanted at the moment I wanted without, of course, hurting others. For me, it was impossible to think that I wasn’t going to create this company, I had to, and in the way that I’m doing it right now. I want to learn, grow and push myself to do it even better, everyday, for me and my entourage.’’ -Erika Devile

New Arrivals

We are green punks

The fashion industry is one of the leading polluter in the world; and we all have a part of responsibility in this. Together, let’s make a difference by being green punks. Join us by purchasing local, making smart shopping decisions and let’s make sure that our clothes keep on living by telling a new story, one owner at a time.


We don’t have any official partnerships with organizations, but one of our goals is to give back to the community, as often as possible. One way of doing so is by using the good old method of ‘‘hand picking’’ the pieces so the money can be redistributed in centers for people in need; Saint-Vincent de Paul, Armée du Salut, etc. We target the centers that helps their community.

Clothes and accessories donations are welcome & appreciated
Contact us or email us directly to donate: widowsblow@gmail.com
The items not selected by WB will be donated to local charitable organisations.


Widow’s Blow Boutique

We don’t have a physical store for now, we do consignment arrangement. Please contact us if you want some Widow’s Blow at your shop!

We do pop ups! Click here to see our upcoming events.
If you want to book us at your next event, please contact us!