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Self madeUnapologeticaudacious free spirited, our "Widows of the Month" are trail blazers who prove that authenticity and confidence are the fundamentals to success. Every month, Widow's blow shines the spotlight on inspiring people who share our ideologies and love for vintage fashion. Introducing our collaborators through bold editorials and interviews is a great way for us to express our creativity and grow our beloved community.

For this very first issue, we introduce to you our good friend and original muse; Sania Mallory aka The.Real.SataniaWith her hilarious content, her undeniably good taste in vintage band tees and self-made success on OnlyFans, she is most definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory and Erika Devile by Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)

Sania started her career in the sex industry on the day of her 18th birthday. She started dancing at local strip clubs but her thirst for success quickly took her off to bigger pastures. After gracing the stage of New York City, L.A. and Canada's west coast, she settled to have a kid and took on the challenge to transition her work from the club onto the worldwide web. [Sania]“I had always planned on starting an OnlyFans but I was waiting for the right moment. It’s important to take everything into consideration because once you have this kind of website, there’s no going back. When people google your name, they’ll know exactly what you do. I wanted to make sure that I was 100% ready for the challenge and the backlash that might come with it. When the pandemic started, I felt like it was the perfect time for me to start. I finally had time to fully concentrate on my content and familiarize myself with the platform in order to set proper goals.” What women like Sania sell on OnlyFans are personalized experiences and an inside view into their daily life. Fans subscribe to their favourite creators and in return receive private uncensored access and the chance to buy personalized content, photos and videos as well as an array of products and services. In the first few months, Sania climbed the charts and became one of the top earners on the platform with numbers ranging from 1000-1300 subscriptions per month. And if you find her familiar and wonder where you might know her from... That’s because her content caught the attention of major players at Pornhub and she is now the face of some kinky ads on their website! ;)

Sania Mallory in Widow's Blow Sania 1972 Moto Jacket (mua: Neve Kerry Photos: JF Galipeau)


[Erika]“I met Sania at a party when I had started mulling over the idea of having my own brand. After hanging out a few times at various events, we decided to go to RockFest together. We spent the weekend partying and chilling backstage with the bands and from there on out our bond was sealed. Every time we hung out, it inspired me to make a new piece of clothing or start a new collection. Sania was basically my first muse for Widow’s Blow. I remember the first time we went to L.A. together, we partied so hard it felt like we hadn’t slept since 1972 and it became our catch phrase. When we came back to Montreal, I took our inside joke and turned it into a custom leather jacket inspired by all the crazy shit we did and all the vintage Americana energy we brought back.” The strong bond Sania has with Widow’s Blow made her the perfect contender for our first blog, showcasing the inspiration she was to us from the very start.


Sania Mallory & Erika Devile Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry Photos: JF Galipeau)Sania Mallory & Erika Devile Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry Photos: JF Galipeau)Sania Mallory & Erika Devile Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry Photos: JF Galipeau) 

What are your zodiac placements (sun.moon.rising)? 
[Sania] “My Sun is in Capricorn, my moon is in Scorpio, and my rising is in Sagittarius. I really feel like my big 3 represent me as a whole. When I was younger I identified more with my Scorpio moon, as I got older I recognized my Capricorn traits more and more; I’ve become more mature and calculated, and I'm definitely stubborn as hell. I’m still as crazy as a Scorpio, that's for sure! My Sagittarius however is what makes me feel free and reckless, it’s always been within me.”

What is the best concert you’ve been to and why?
[Sania] “I love going to see live shows so much! It’s difficult for me to choose a favorite… I think the best band I’ve seen live would have to be the first time I saw Misfits in Chicago with the original lineup, tied with the Halloween show in New York, they’re by far the best band ever. I also remember being so excited when I saw Black Sabbath in BC, I was drinking Bailey’s before the show and I was so nervous I puked while I was waiting! Honestly I get that amped up no matter what band I see, I feel like a baby every time I just can’t wait to get back out there after the pandemic.” 

You’ve traveled so much in your life, what was your best trip and why?
[Sania] “All of my trips have been absolutely wild, when I was 19 years old I traveled through Australia. That trip shaped me into the person I am today, it was the first time I was leaving on my own. It was crazy. Honestly this might sound a little boring but my heart lies in the states. I saw so many beautiful landscapes, I was able to grow and learn a lot about myself as a person. I was in a field in Indiana during a thunderstorm listening to “Ride the  lightning” by Metallica, the sky was completely lit up with electricity. It was one of the coolest moments in my life. I also have an attachment to LA because that’s where I met the love of my life CJ.”

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Staying on the same wavelength, what was your worst trip and why?
[Sania] ''This one time I was really hungover after a party and I was supposed to go up to Old Orchard (Try saying that in french LOL) for a friend’s birthday. While driving up, I told my friends to tell my ex-boyfriend that I was dead because I was too hung over to answer his calls. When we actually got to Old Orchard Beach, I had a lot of fun but I realized that it’s a pretty kitsch vacation spot, it’s basically “Expo Quebec”. Pretty underwhelming. Between you and me… I wouldn’t recommend it for your birthday celebrations. (laughs)"

How did you meet your boyfriend CJ?
[Sania] ''I was in LA with some girlfriends and a photographer friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot. We were sitting in a little café, waiting for the photographer, when the most drop dead gorgeous man walked in. He sat at my table and I turned to my friends and said “Oh my god, I just saw the man of my dreams!So we met then and there. At the time, I had a boyfriend back in NYC so I told myself not to do anything stupid… I was stupid the next day; I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. I still have no regrets because, 5 years later, we’re still madly in love with each other.''

The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory With C.J. Daddy's Juiced Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)

  When we first started planning out our editorial photoshoot for Sania, we chose to collaborate with Carrosserie Viau located in Hemmingford, QC. It was the perfect tone for the shoot; a backroad garage filled with a spectacular collection of vintage cars including; a Chevelle 66, a Chevelle 68’ and a bright red vintage Chevy pick up truck. We wanted to show off Sania’s love for cars while paying homage to her father, who raised her on a racetrack. The outfits were created to showcase Sania’s story, her energy and her rock n’ roll lifestyle. [Erika] “I wanted to highlight her story using 3 classic Widow’s Blow looks. Sania has always been a part of the Widow’s Blow family, she’s one of my biggest supporters, she IS Widow’s Blow. We couldn’t do this photoshoot without using the Sania 1972 Jacket I made after our trip to L.A.! All the looks were inspired by different eras of our friendship.” As for the makeup, Neve Kerry drew inspiration from 1970’s playboy and the iconic 90’s Pamela Anderson. [Neve] “I wanted to capture Sania’s natural beauty and merge it with her seductive energy, so I looked towards some of my favourite sex symbols for inspiration”. Paired with our resident photographer JF Galipeau, we brought to life one of our best editorials yet!
 <img src="" alt="The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory and Erika Devile Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)" />

 Where does your passion for vintage cars come from?
[Sania] ''My love for cars comes from my father. I spent my whole childhood in my dad’s garage when he was fixing his Camaro. There are photos of me in my dad’s car while he was re-working it completely. It was so cute; he had even installed a little TV for me to watch while he worked. I like to go to races and drag strips and I know how to change a carburetor but truly it all comes from my dad. It’s funny actually because lord knows I love cars so much yet I’ve been cursed with the worst luck when it comes to vehicles. One time my car caught fire while I was on the highway, I want to cry just thinking about it. Most people think it’s inconvenient or difficult to be constantly working on your cars but that’s what I love about them. I enjoy knowing that I always have a project to work on but that’s probably because I love making my life extra complicated!''

The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)

What is your best vintage find?
[Sania] ''My best vintage find… I’d have to say my favorite pieces were actually gifted to me by my family. My mom gave me this gorgeous leather jacket she wore to a show in the 80’s. It fits me perfectly and there's so much sentimental attachment that comes into play. She also gave me this amazing animal print bikini and I LOVE animal print. My aunt gave me a pair of 70’s disco platform boots that are just completely to die for, I’ve never seen anything like them. I also love everything I get from Widow’s Blow, like my custom misfits jacket and my favorite Misfits T-shirt.''
Why do you love vintage clothes?
[Sania] " I live for the rock and roll style of the past, it really speaks to me. I love anything customized and unique. When I was a young punk, I used to stud and DIY my leather jackets and shirts. I also like that every piece has a story. The environment also impacts my choice of wearing vintage clothes... I find it ridiculous that we constantly produce cheap wasteful garments when there are still warehouses full of clothing available for anyone!"
Tell me about Satania.
[Sania] " It's funny to me that when people hear Satania, they assume I make human sacrifices or something (laughs) Obviously that's not the case! I’ve always been very intrigued by the idea of cults or religion. I'm not personally religious, however I love the idea of community that it creates. It amazes me that people dedicate their entire lives to their different religious and spiritual beliefs. Satania is a persona/name I came up with when I was younger. She's a girl who doesn’t care, that party’s hard and acts reckless.  Satania gets into so many funny, crazy situations and she just lives through them and laughs a lot. I had so much fun in my 20’s with Satania. As I got older, I calmed down and grew into Sania. I'm a mom now, I have my family and my career to focus on but Satania still comes out every now and then. I’d say the biggest difference between the two is that Sania is a business woman, she makes the decisions, while Satania is total madness and doesn't care much about adult stuff."

You seem to be such a strong and untouchable woman, how does one break that wall? 
[Sania] "When I compare myself to others, I understand why I might come across as strong or guarded. I don’t like to let my emotions get the best of me or be vulnerable. However, in reality, I am a very emotional person and like many people I seek validation from others, specifically my parents whom I know will never fully support me and my choices. I don’t feel comfortable talking to them about my life because I know they have a stigma about my work. I’ve been hurt by so many people through the years. Now I rarely get upset when it happens because I’ve learned not to let it get to me. I healed and I'm past that. I think that's a part of what makes me seem so untouchable. I’m sure people would be surprised to know how emotional I truly am and how often I cry, whether it’s happy tears or just to relieve myself of the day's emotions. I believe that it’s important to live through your feelings, it’s just not something I do in front of others."

The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory with CJ Daddy's Juiced Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)

The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)

 How do you manage your time between being a full time mom and your job?
[Sania] "My daughter goes to daycare twice a week, while I work at a beauty salon in Quebec. The rest of the week she’s with me so I focus on her. I don’t create content when she’s at home. Usually, when I’m with my daughter, I concentrate on replying to emails and DMs and post on social media. When she goes to sleep, (after 8pm), is when I will plan out my content. My daughter goes to her father’s house every 2nd weekend, so that's when I drive down to Montreal to collaborate with photographers and content creators. I usually travel quite a bit to give my daughter time with her Dad, so I take that time to create all the content I need for the next few months."
What differentiates you from other internet personalities?
[Sania] "I think what sets me apart from other working girls on the internet is that I’m unapologetically 100% myself. I’m not afraid to wake up in the morning and take a picture or a video of myself with my lashes unglued or my hair all messed up. I do everything for myself and I'm very down to earth. I try to reply to every comment and every DM I receive to keep the relationship close between my followers and I. I think it’s important to mention that I don’t associate myself with any brands or products that I don’t like or believe in so everything I post is completely me and honest. Social media for me is very fun and natural. It doesn’t feel like a job to me. I’m an open book so I share both my failures and my successes. I have stories on my Instagram where I'm puking after taking a shot and it doesn’t embarrass me. I also have photos and videos where my hair and makeup are all done and I look amazing. I think it’s a refreshing change from the ''instababes'' who prefer the more classic beauty content and the fake "happy and successful" front that a lot of people put up."

Why is OnlyFans a good platform for Sex Workers and how does it empower it’s users?
[Sania] "XXX websites have existed for a long time. I think the reason OnlyFans has gained so much popularity is because people feel safe using it. When your name is associated with the platform, people know what they’re getting. It’s very customizable. Personally I chose to get on the OF band wagon because I wanted to work from home, choose my own collaborators and make my own schedule. I have full control over what I post and how much I charge. When you’re making porn through an agency or with a major platform, you don’t have the same freedom as you do with OF. For example, with OnlyFans I choose who (my boyfriend and friends) I want to have sex with, set my own boundaries and control how and when it’s presented. Whereas with a production team, you show up on set and they decide who your partner will be and what you will be doing." 

What are the biggest difficulties that you have to face in the industry
[Sania] "Unfortunately there are quite a few things that make being a sex worker difficult. For starters, we are in charge of our own marketing and PR. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are still stigmatizing and censoring us. Being shadow banned has become a large problem for our community. We can’t promote ourselves properly and safely through our social media accounts anymore. The worst problem that any sex worker will face is the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. Almost everyone watches porn yet it is still heavily looked down upon by those same people. This makes it very dangerous for sex workers to operate. Everything has to be done discretely. We can't ask for help. We need to normalize sex work and acknowledge that it is in fact a real job and a pretty important one at that."

What do you have to say to the people who accuse you of not having a “real job”?
[Sania] "I tell those people that I am financially independent, and that I probably make more money than them. I put 80hrs a week into my job and I’m able to make a large profit from it, so if it’s not a real job then I love not working! (laughs)"

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
[Sania] "As of right now my OnlyFans is doing really well. I put a lot of work into it. I wanted to make sure I could really build a career for myself. I’m 29 years old and I’d say the next ten years are my peak years for OnlyFans. Times have changed, women are no longer tossed out of the industry once they hit 30, so there's room for sex workers to work well into their 40’s. My goal would be to be semi-retired by the time I’m 45. I’m very smart with my money, I set goals for myself financially. I’ve invested in cryptocurrency and I’m looking to invest in real estate soon. Once my career as a sex worker is over, I'll focus on my investments and keep managing my side projects."

The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)

 The current laws against sex work in Canada, Bill C-36, states that purchasing sex or benefiting from the selling of sex is illegal. Sex workers cannot advertise sexual services, and potential clients cannot communicate with a prostitute in any way, or in any place, for the purposes of buying sex. Platforms like OnlyFans are one of the safest ways for sex workers to market themselves and interact with their clients. According to “$3,075.64 is spent on porn every second on the Internet.” After talking to Sania we learned that despite its popularity, it is still incredibly dangerous for sex workers to survive in Canada and the United States. It is our duty to break the stigma associated with sex work. By openly talking about it, we can shine a light on the constant dangers and challenges that sex workers have to deal with. Sania is brave to be so open and honest about it, and we are very thankful to have had the privilege to have an inside glance at what being a self-employed porn star is all about. 

The Girl From The Pornhub Ad Sania Mallory Widow's Blow (mua: Neve Kerry, Photos: JF Galipeau)Now go SUBSCRIBE to her ONLYFANS while wearing your favourite vintage t-shirt!


by Erika Devile & Neve Kerry




Models : Sania Mallory & CJ
MUA:  Neve Kerry 
Photos: Jf Galipeau / JFGALIPEAU.CA 
Stylist & Clothes : Widow’s Blow 
Location : Carrosserie Viau


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