For a while now we’ve let the fast fashion become our way of shopping; compulsive and excessive consumption, purchasing cheaper and disposable items & we became fashion followers; instead of leading and creating our own unique style.

Widow’s Blow is all about Slow Fashion. We use vintage pieces as the core of the collection since we consider that enough materials and fabrics have been produced from the past till now.

We are proud to take part in this turning point in the world in fashion by also:

+ Encouraging local workforce; all designs are made here, in Montreal, Canada

+ Using a minimum amount of new materials; the goal is to show you can have beautiful products with fabrics that already exists.

+ Small production; yes a smaller production means that the sizes and colors are limited, but the goal is to use and save as much fabric as possible.

+ Recycling; we recycle at every step of the production; from the item itself, to the tags, to the shipping package, all has been thought and designed to reduce our ecological footprint.