Biker Wallet Widow’s Blow X HOV

$59.00 CAD

Wallet Widow’s Blow X HOV

Slowly Made By Hand by Widow’s Blow X HOV

This leather is a by-product of the meat industry and vegetable-tanned.

Vegetable tans don't contain synthetic coatings which cover the leather. The hide is essentially naked and so will age and darken with use, wear, and sun exposure - just like your own skin. All colors will do this but it becomes much more apparent in lighter/nude shades of leather depending on use.

This aging process can’t and shouldn’t be prevented. The leather’s ability to age is a mark of quality and craftsmanship - just like a pair of new raw selvage denim jeans. Over time, and with proper care this leather becomes stronger, softer, and acquires a rich patina that will tell the unique story of the lifestyle of its owner.

Flat Measurements:
Wallet : 6.5 '' X 3.5''
Chain : 19.5''

*If you have any questions, please contact us. :)

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